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Unitac Expands Diameter Range of Fine Beam to cover 65.01mm to 83.00mm

Unitac is expanding its Fine Beam series to cover diameters ranging from ø65.01 mm to ø83.0 mm with existing inserts and spare parts.

  • This expansion helps reduce machine load and good chip control. New Fine Beam can be used in low power machine and poor processing environment.

At a Glance

  • High precision H-class insert with unique cutting edge geometry ensures hole accuracy at greater feed rates, while also providing smooth chip evacuation.
  • Reduces tool setup time thanks to easy insert indexing with existing inserts and spare parts.
  • New drill diameters ranging from ø65.0 mm to ø83.0 mm.
  • Total of 5 items to be added.

Item list

  • 4850706 FNBM-14S-66.68 (2.625”)
  • 4851149 FNBM-15S-69.85 (2.750”)
  • 4851152 FNBM-16S-76.20 (3.000”)
  • 4854805 FNBM-16S-79.38 (3.125”)
  • 4854806 FNBM-17S-82.55 (3.250”)