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Unitac Expands Line up of Fine Beam insert

March 2020 — Unitac is expanding its portfolio of Fine Beam inserts by launching additional 2 excellent features:

  1. Since AH8015 grade already shows excellent performance in heat-resistant alloy steels with “HF” chip breaker, it is released also with “G” chip breaker. This new grade will be released in April 1, 2020
  2. Peripheral inserts (FBH) have new larger corner radius, Rc=0.8 mm. The enlarged Rc will increase tool life and improve hole straightness and it is implemented on both PVD grades: AH725 & AH8015. This new insert will be released in June 1, 2020

In addition, all inserts will have ISO standard designations. The new description will make it easier to understand the item specification. This change is effective beginning on May 1, 2020.

  • Item List

    4853973 FBH060308R-G-P AH8015

    4853971 FBH080408R-G-P AH8015

    4853626 FBH090404R-G-P AH8015

    4853627 FBH090408R-G-P AH8015

    4854835 FBH110408R-G-P AH8015

    4854837 FBH130408R-G-P AH8015

    4855089 FBM060308L-G-C AH8015

    4855090 FBM070408L-G-C AH8015

    4855091 FBM080408L-G-C AH8015

    4855092 FBM100408L-G-C AH8015

    4855125 FBM130408L-G-C AH8015

    4855129 FBM060304R-G-I AH8015

    4855130 FBM070404R-G-I AH8015

    4855131 FBM080404R-G-I AH8015

    4855132 FBM100404R-G-I AH8015

    4855133 FBM130404R-G-I AH8015

    4853974 FBH060308R-G-P AH725

    4853972 FBH080408R-G-P AH725

    4853425 FBH090408R-G-P AH725

    4854834 FBH110408R-G-P AH725

    4854836 FBH130408R-G-P AH725