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Unitac Expands Diameter Range of TRI-DEEP to Cover 37 mm – 40 mm

March 2020 — Unitac is expanding its TRI-DEEP line of indexable gun drills to cover diameters ranging from ø37.0 mm to ø40.0 mm.

With new drill sizes in the lineup, TRI-DEEP can now address the deep drilling needs of die and mold industries who are seeking to improve efficiency and reliability in deep hole drilling operations.

  • At a Glance
    • High precision H-class insert with unique cutting edge geometry ensures hole accuracy at greater feed rates, while also providing smooth chip evacuation
    • Reduces tool setup time thanks to easy insert indexing
    • Fine adjustments of drill diameter are possible with dedicated adjusting shims
    • New drill diameters ranging from ø37.0 mm to ø40.0 mm
    • Length-to-diameter ratios available in 10xD and 15xD
    • Total of 8 items to be added
  • Item List

    4846294 MCTR37.00XFM40-10

    4846295 MCTR37.00XFM40-15

    4846296 MCTR38.00XFM40-10

    4846297 MCTR38.00XFM40-15

    4846298 MCTR39.00XFM40-10

    4846299 MCTR39.00XFM40-15

    4846300 MCTR40.00XFM40-10

    4846301 MCTR40.00XFM40-15